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17th July 2020

Hello today i thought we could take a journey into space. Please log onto Espresso Discovery. Then click on Foundation and Understanding the World. On here select the 'Space'  box. On here you can watch the different video's of space. Then click onto the 'activities' box and i would like you to complete the following activities please:

  • Planet Snap
  • Ordering Stars
  • Ordering Planets
  • Counting Aliens 0-10
  • Counting Planets 0-10
  • Counting Stars 0-20
  • Find the words beginning with s, t, or p.
  • Find the words beginning with d, m or n.


If you have a printer you can then go onto 'printable resources' and there is a colouring page that you can print off and colour in.


Once you have completed these you can then go on your own space adventure with Cosmic Yoga - Space Stories.

Space Stories For Kids | Yoga Space Adventure | Cosmic Kids Yoga

Join Jaime in space and learn yoga for kids with these incredible space stories. Turn your workout into a space adventure! Remember to subscribe! http://bit....

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