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Please find the link in weekly learning- phonics to find how to help your child. Follow how to start your phonics session by asking your child to read their phase 3 and phase 5 sounds.


To start of your phonics lesson today i want you to recap your phase 3 and phase 5 sounds. You can either read them using your sounds mats you were given in your pack or you could play the flashcard cars on phonics play

Today we would like you to look at the sound 'ie' like in tie   'igh' like in night and 'i_e' like in kite. Can you read and write these words 

fried         night          dive

pie            fright         like

cried         flight         Mike

flies          tight          kite


You can use one of the games suggested on Monday or Tuesday or i want you to practise reading words on Reading Robot. Please press the phonics screening test or phase 5.




To start of the lesson can you count you count forward and backwards in 5's? Have a look at this video to help you.


Week 2 Lesson 3 - Make equal groups

Watch the following video and answer the questions

Either print and complete, write the answers on a separate sheet or discuss the answers with an adult.



Activity 3: Let's draw some of the characters

In the story 'The Magic Faraway Tree' we heard about characters such as: Dame Washalot, Silky the Fairy, Moonface and The Saucepan Man.

Using their names, draw what you think they would each look like. You could add labels too, if you'd like.



Continue with activities set on Monday and tasks set on purple mash.

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