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Monday, 18th May

Hello Year 2, 


I hope you had a lovely weekend. We went for a lovely walk yesterday, it was nice to get some fresh air. 


Here are today's tasks...





Practice your number bonds on Hit the Button. Please try to work on both your number bonds to 10 and to 20. I know that lots of you are great at bonds to 10 but still practice them as they support your addition and subtraction work when crossing tens.


Main session

SUMMER: Week 4 Lesson 3

Complete the lesson on the White Rose hub website (see links below)

  • Please watch the video to support your understanding.
  • Try the sheet which will be sent to you on Class Dojo.

White Rose Hub initially offered all documents for free but now only offer the videos. We have subscribed as a school so we will still have access to the sheets but I will be adding these and the answer document to our class story each day as it is not a public site. 

  • Check your work against the answers (added to class story).


Remember, you can either print it, write the answers out or discuss them with a family member.



If your child finds the White Rose sheet fairly easy I have also attached an additional problem solving activity. As that suggests the questions are more tricky, take time and are to extend learning further. They get more difficult as you work through them. The answers are also provided to support you to review the work.




Using the book Cake you will learn how to decide if a statement is true or false and to explain what words mean.



Cake has been invited to a party and he is very excited as he has never been to one before. He tries on different outfits and shows them to Fish. He goes shopping for a new hat and buys – candles! When he gets to the party, everyone is so happy to see him and they sit Cake on the table. He is having a great time until the lights go out and everyone starts to sing…


  • Watch singer Ashley Roberts read an extract from Cake.
  • Complete the activities.







Reading – Have you read any books from Big Cat Collins?


You should try to read one or two a week.

Remember Choose the colour above your home reading book. There is an activity to complete at the end of the book. Let me know what books you have read there are lots of dojo points on offer.


How to access free Collins Big Cat ebooks


Go to Collins Connect and click on the Teacher portal and enter: 


Password: Parents20! 

and click Login. 



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