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Welcome to year 5-6T 


Welcome back to our final term of the school year.  This term is going to be very busy and we have lots of fun activities planned for you all to enjoy, including transition activities ready for your move to secondary school.  We will also be preparing some leavers activities and completing all of the fun activities that the children want to experience before they leave.


We will be posting lots of photographs and documents to aid learning on the school website and on Dojo to keep you updated of all of the fun things we get up to. 


Take a look at our planning documents below to find out more about what we will be learning this year.




The children in year 6 will be working on graphs and averages.  This topic will involve understanding averages, calculating the mean, reading information on pie charts and bar charts and converting miles into kilometres.


Our topic after that will be negative numbers.  During this topic the children will be adding, subtracting and using negative numbers.  The children will also be completing a review of the second workbook to revise all that has been taught.


The children in year 5 have now finished their Maths No Problem workbook and will be focussing on revision of the year.  This will be taken from misconceptions on tests or anything that the children feel they need extra support with.  This is a great opportunity to target anything needed ready for them moving to year 6. 








In Literacy the children will be reading the text Suffragette- The Battle for Equality by David Roberts.  Whilst reading this book the children will be responding to illustrations, looking at language and building a story of the past.  They will be taking part in discussions and debates and writing a persuasive speech.




The children will take part in 3 reading sessions every week which will focus on reading comprehension by using a range of questioning techniques.  The children will also be reading independently or with a member of staff daily to develop their fluency.







In Science the children will be learning all about Animals Including Humans.  During this topic the children will be learning how to identify and name the parts of the human circulatory system and describe the functions of the heart, blood vessels and blood. The children will also be finding out ways in which nutrients and water are transported within animals and humans.

They will also be learning how the impact of diet, exercise, drugs and lifestyle can affect the bodies function.





In History the children will be learning all about The Impact of WW1 on women and children.  They will also be learning about the role of suffragettes and the important roles that women took on during this time.




In Geography the children will be learning all about people of the planet and migration. During this topic the children will be learning about what migration is, how poverty can affect the lives of people and what countries are affected by poverty.






In DT the children will be designing and making their own waistcoats.  They will be cutting and sewing material to create something very special for when they leave St Thomas’s.






In Art the children will be designing and making their own memory box.  They will be drawing still life sketches, using charcoal and mixing paints.  These images will be transferred onto the memory box and filled with lots of memories of school.





The children will be given logins for Times Tables Rock Stars. They can access the app at home on a laptop or ipad. Please encourage your child to access the website at home as this will give them much needed practice of the Times Tables they are unsure of.

Please click below to assess the TTRS website






Our P.E topic for this term is dance.  The children do not need to bring a P.E kit for this term but will need to wear pumps or trainers if possible.





Children will be given a spelling list every Thursday, please ensure your child practices these as they will be tested on these spellings the following Thursday. To support them further, encourage children to form sentences with the words given.



Learning logs


Children will be given learning log challenges each term which is linked to the work they have been covering throughout the topic. This needs to be handed in on specific dates, please take this opportunity to work with your child and tackle the challenges with a creative, imaginative mind that celebrates you child's ideas. Please take a look at our homework grid below.




Reading books will be changed every Friday. Please ensure that books are in school by Thursday. Library books will be changed every week. It is important that your child reads every evening. This could be done independently or with the help of an adult or older sibling.



If you have any questions please do not hesitate to speak to us in the morning or at the end of the school day.



Mrs Thomas, Mrs Khan and Mrs Hardman

Today we played a maths game where the children had to roll two dice and find common multiples of both numbers. We had so much fun!

Long Term Planning Year 6

5-6T at a glance

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