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Hi Year 1/2HW 


Hope you are all ok and had a lovely Easter break? It has been lovely to see all of your Easter activities on Class Dojo and we look forward to seeing what else you are going to be up to this week. 


Phonics- Year 1

Please find the link in weekly learning- phonics to find how to help your child. Follow how to start your phonics session by asking your child to read their phase 3 and phase 5 sounds. 


Today we would like you to look at the sound 'ay' 'ai' 'a_e' 

Can you read and write the words 

crayon                  train           plane

holiday                 again           snake

yesterday            chain          amaze 


Can you play the game picnic or pluto on phonics play


Click on phase 5   

Can you challenge yourself by revising all of the phase 5 sounds?


 Phonics- Year 2

Today we want you to have a look at a prefixes. Go on to

Have a look at the videos and then take part in the quiz. Let us know how you have done. 



To start of your maths today we would like you to count forward and back to 50. Please watch these to videos to help you.


Compare capacity 


Week 2- lesson 1- Watch the video and then attempt the questions.

Either print and complete, write the answers on a separate sheet or discuss the answers with an adult.



For your writing task this week you will be learning how to use a question mark correctly. Follow the link below and watch the short video.



Once you have watched this video have a go at activity 1.


Activity 1: The Magic Faraway Tree

Later this week we are going to watch a clip about 'The Magic Faraway Tree'. In the story there are four children called Joe, Beth, Franny and Rick. They love going to the Magic Faraway Tree because they always have so much fun there.

Write a question for each of the four children asking them something about the tree. You can do this verbally or you can write it down.

  • Use words like: what, when, how, did and can to start your questions.
  • Don't forget your question marks.




Today can you read the story Oi frog! by Kes Gray and Jim Field. Ask your child to read as many words as they can. Can you discuss with your child about the different rhyming words that can be found in the story and ask your child to write them down. 

Eg:  Frog - Log   Cat- Mat  


Then can you play a matching pairs game with them. Turn all the cards over and take it in turns to find the matching pair. 


If you don't have the story at home you can watch it on here






Rosa Parks 

Can you watch the video all about Rosa Parks- (You may remember her from our courageous stories in collective worship)


Please ask your child questions about what they have seen in the video and why she is a very important woman in history. 


Then can you put the events in order?


Why don't you create a poster or leaflet about what you have learnt about Rosa Parks. You can do this on purple mash if you like or on a piece of paper. I would love to see what you have learnt. 



Watch this video:

Today I would like you to find lots of different flowers. What are the names of them?

Remember to never pick flowers!


When you get home can you draw a picture of a flowers that you have seen just like some of these famous artists.






If you need any help with anything please get in contact with us on Class dojo and will will try and reply as soon as we can. We are looking forward to seeing some of your work. 








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