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Friday 5th June

9:00am - 9:30am - Exercise time - Joe Wicks LIVE 9am - Kids Yoga - Go Noodle videos


9:30am - 10:30am MATHS 

Summer term week 5 lesson 4 - Decimals as fractions

Watch the video explanation to give you some input before attempting the worksheets.

The worksheets will no longer be posted on the website due to copyright reasons. The worksheet for today's lesson is on Class Dojo for you to complete.

10:30am - 11:00am BREAK TIME

Make the most of your break time, you can: go for some fresh air, have a snack, colouring, watch a newsround clip, etc..


11:00am - 12:15pm LITERACY/READING 

Activity 1: Read 'Fuss Fuss Fuss' and answer comprehension questions

Your comprehension work is very important as your transition up to high school so we need to carry on practising these skills. The more often you practice and read at home, the better you will become at understanding texts. The questions will get harder but try and challenge yourself and do as many as you can. If you send me your work, I can mark it for you.

Activity 2: Read Goldilocks on CCTV and answer comprehension questions

Your second activity is to read the second poem called 'Goldilocks on CCTV'. It is only short so I expect to see everyone doing this activity. You need to answer the comprehension questions on the poem. Please send me your answers so they can be marked.

Activity 3: Write a recommendation for Year 5

You have read both poems now and I would like you to think about which is your favourite one. Year 5 are planning to perform one of these poems in assembly. You are going to write a recommendation to Year 5 about which one you think they should pick. You need to think about why you think it would be good for them to perform and some ideas they could do in their performance to make it more engaging, for example: the use of certain props. If you need to plan your recommendation before writing, you may want to use the planning box to do this or draw your own. I would like you to think about your formality for this piece of writing? Is it going to be formal or informal? 

12:15pm - 1:15pm LUNCH TIME


1:15pm - 2:30pm FOUNDATION - COMPUTING

What makes a good computer game?

To finish the week off, I would like you to do some computing and think about what makes a good game. You may want to think of games that inspire you and that you enjoy playing. 

You need to watch the videos on the link below to help you with today's task.

I would like you to design your own computer game and think about what the aim of the game is. You need to think about characters, setting, mission and what it will look like. Like I said, it may be useful to think about games you play at home or ones you have seen before to help you. I would like you to make a brief to present your new game.

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