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Here is your learning for today-
Learn how to write decimals using place value columns.
This lesson includes:
• one learning summary
• four interactive activities

To revise how to write a poem and create one of your own.
This lesson includes:
• one video explaining how to write a poem
• three activities

Learn how to recognise the percent symbol (%) and understand that per cent relates to ‘number of parts per hundred’.
This includes:
• one videos
• learning summary
• one interactive activity
• one quiz
• one worksheet
Learn how to use analyse and perform poems.
This lesson includes:
• three videos
• three activities

Please finish your letter, that I set for you Friday (I haven’t received many). If you have done your letter, please practise spellings from your year group list.
Write a letter-
As we know, we have been in lockdown for a very long time now. Bury Council have asked schools to write letters to people in our Bury community that may feel isolated or alone. The idea of your letter is to make them feel better and less alone.
Guidance for your letter:
• Address your letter 'Dear Friend'
• Sign your letter with your first name and your age. DO NOT include your surname, address or school.
• You may want to write about things you have been doing in lockdown to make you feel better or you could draw or write a poem.
• You may want to remind these people that they are not alone and you are thinking about them in this difficult time.
• DO NOT include any personal information about yourself.
• When you have finished your letter, you can send it to me and I will arrange for your letter to be sent out.
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  • Pimhole Road, Bury
  • United Kingdom, BL9 7EY
  • tel: 01617 647565
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