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Please find the link in weekly learning- phonics to find how to help your child. Follow how to start your phonics session by asking your child to read their phase 3 and phase 5 sounds.


To start the session can you practice your tricky words. Remember you can't sound these words out.

Today we want you to look at the sound 'ea' like in bead, 'ee' like in bee and 'e_e like in Pete

Can you read and write these words 

bead      bee       Pete

meat     queen    these

peach    feel       theme

beach    three     extreme


Practice reading some words by playing picnic or pluto. 


Year 2 Phonics 

Today we want you to have a look at a suffixes. Go on to

Have a look at the videos and then take part in the quiz. Let us know how you have done.


Week 2 -Lesson 4 - Adding Equal Groups

Watch the following video and answer the questions

Either print and complete, write the answers on a separate sheet or discuss the answers with an adult.


Why don't you have ago at this...                                 This video might help you.




Activity 4: Punctuation Practice 

This week you have practised how to use question marks correctly. You have also watched a video about 'The Magic Faraway Tree', written a postcard describing what the tree is like and drawn some characters from the story.

Now click on the highlighted words and try playing the 'punctuation' mini game on Small Town Superheroes




Today i want you to learn about the United Kingdom. What are the 4 countries that make up the United Kingdom. Watch this video to help you


Then can you have a go at the quiz?


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