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2nd July 2020


Today i would like you to log onto Phonics Play, click on Phase 2 and then Picnic on Pluto. I would like you to play this game using letters in sets 1-3. Remember to blend the letters you need to say the letter sounds.



Begin by ordering your number cards 1-10 or 1-20. Next log onto Espresso Discovery and then click on to Foundation. Then click onto Maths and Shape. Once on here click onto the Flat Shape video and watch all about the different flat shapes.



Today i thought you could have a go at Cosmic Yoga - Tiny the T Rex adventure. Please click on the you tube link below.

Tiny the T-Rex | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

Episode 29 | Tiny the T-Rex | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure! A kids yoga adventure about Tiny, a young T-Rex, who learns about looking after his teeth! Learn ...

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