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Welcome to Nursery  smiley

All the Nursery staff would like to welcome you and your children to St Thomas's Nursery.


Our topic this half term will be learning about 'water'. In this topic the children will be investigating water. They will look at what we use water for, how we make bubbles and the seaside.


The children had a fantastic time on their trip to Happy Mount Park. Please take a look at the photographs below.



We constantly put photographs on our Nursery page of the different things your child has done in Nursery. So please make sure you check our page regulary to see what fun we are having.

The Nursery children this year will be raising money for the British Heart Foundation. We will be doing different events throughout the year to raise our money and we hope that you will support us in dong this.

One of the activites we have started to do in order to look after our hearts is a run every day. We are hoping to build up to running half a mile every day but to begin with we are starting with ten laps of the Nursery garden. To support us in helping your child to look after their heart please try to encourage your child to walk when they can. So try to aviod going places in the car when you can walk, don't carry your child or put them in a pushchair beause the more exercise they get the healthier their heart will be. Thank you

Happy Mount Park

Ugly Bug Ball

Ugly Bug Ball

Minibeast Hunt