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Wednesday 1st April 2020

Reading Book - We are on a new book called Evacuee. There will be TWO videos to watch today as the chapters are only short. Please, please please, watch them both and tick the box to show you have read both chapters.


Maths Activity - Mid Year Arithmetic Paper. I would like the children to have a go at an arithmetic paper to show me if they are confident in the four main operations (+,-,x,divide) when operating on integers, decimals and fractions. There are 13 pages to complete but no time limit. I have taught everything here so you should be able to access all questions. 


Literacy Activity - I would like the children to complete a Grammar Hammer paper to show their understanding of the Y5 Grammar objectives. It shouldn't take too long. 


Creative Activity - Having taken a walk for some daily exercise the other day and seeing all the amazing rainbows in the windows, I would like you to create your own rainbow inspired piece of Art and put it in your window as a way of showing appreciation to the NHS and saying thank you during this tough time. With the Rainbow I would like you to write the following 3 words on it: Andra Tutto Bene (This is Italian for everything will be alright) Take a picture of your final design and upload it onto seesaw. Let's spread some colour across the world. 

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