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20th April 2020

Welcome back after the Easter Holidays. I know it wasn't like our normal Easter holidays but i hope you have managed to have fun with your families.



Today for your phonics i would like you to think about rhyming words. Remember rhyming words have to sound the same. I am going to give you three words and i would like you to draw things or find objects that would rhyme with the word. Once you have done this keep hold of them for tomorrows task.

The words i would like you to rhyme with are  log, bat and fox.

Good luck!



Today in your maths i would like you to begin by doing your finger aerobics counting forwards and backwards from 0-10. Then i would like you to get a pile of your toys and sort them into big and small. If you can do this really easily then i would also like you to add in medium size.



We are going to start to learn about baby animals and so today i would like you to draw a picture of a dog, a cat, a horse and a hen. I would then like you to find out what their babies are called. On your paper i would like you to draw and label the baby animal ( see picture below). Keep hold of this when you have done it as when we have done a few of them it will make a game for you to play.


The Baby Animals Song

It's a song for children about the names of baby animals. This song was written and performed by A.J. Jenkins. Video by KidsTV123. Copyright 2012 A.J. Jenkin...

Baby Animals activity

Baby Animals activity 1
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