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20th April 2020

Welcome back after the Easter Holidays. I know it wasn't like our normal Easter holidays but i hope you have managed to have fun with your families.



Today for your phonics i would like you to think about rhyming words. Remember rhyming words have to sound the same. I am going to give you three words and i would like you to draw things or find objects that would rhyme with the word. Once you have done this keep hold of them for tomorrows task.

The words i would like you to rhyme with are  log, bat and fox.

Good luck!



Today in your maths i would like you to begin by doing your finger aerobics counting forwards and backwards from 0-10. Then i would like you to get a pile of your toys and sort them into big and small. If you can do this really easily then i would also like you to add in medium size.



We are going to start to learn about baby animals and so today i would like you to draw a picture of a dog, a cat, a horse and a hen. I would then like you to find out what their babies are called. On your paper i would like you to draw and label the baby animal ( see picture below). Keep hold of this when you have done it as when we have done a few of them it will make a game for you to play.


The Baby Animals Song

It's a song for children about the names of baby animals. This song was written and performed by A.J. Jenkins. Video by KidsTV123. Copyright 2012 A.J. Jenkin...

Baby Animals activity

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