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Friday, 15th May



It's Friday! These weeks are going so fast. 


I feel like I'm in an episode of 'Bake off'. I am getting so many pictures of brilliant baking and cooking that is going on. It all looks very tasty. We use lots of maths as well as other skills when we bake and cook so it is a great activity to do. Don't worry if you aren't getting much baking done though, I told my daughters we'd do lots and we've managed it twice so far. You are all inspiring me to give it another go. 


How are you getting on with the shoe lace challenge? It's a great skill. I've had some videos and pictures showing me your fantastic new skill. Keep them coming or just send me a message to tell me you can do it!


I'll add our snap shot of the week- examples of some of our work for this week later today and also be sharing who our star of the week is. 


Have a great weekend, 


Mrs T 


Here are today's tasks...






Practice your number bonds on Hit the Button. Please try to work on both your number bonds to 10 and to 20. I know that lots of you are great at bonds to 10 but still practice them as they support your addition and subtraction work when crossing tens.


Main session

We are going to make Friday's- Arithmetic Friday's. It's really important that we continue to focus on basic arithmetic so I thought we could round each week off with an arithmetic review.


Our reviews will cover all operations along with fractions. The review gets harder as you progress through it. Remember to use your written methods/drawings to help you answer the questions, you won't be able to do them all mentally. 


You don't have to print the sheet off, you can always just do your working out and write the answers down on a separate piece of paper. 





Today, we will revisit different sentence types again with a focus on exclamations. !!!!!!!!!


This lesson includes:

  • a video to help you understand exclamation marks

  • four activities to do (including a quiz, becoming the teacher to mark the work and creating a poster)


An exclamation mark looks like this: !

You can use an exclamation mark to show we are shocked, surprised and excited. Here are some examples:

  • Stop it!
  • I had the best time ever!
  • I cannot believe my eyes!

You can also use an exclamation mark at the end of an exclamation sentence. These sentences must start with 'What' or 'How' and include a verb. For example: What a great person you are!







In this lesson you will draw along with Bob Price, the art director of the CBeebies show Pablo.


  • You can watch one video (a 30 minute lesson)
  • Try out two activities to practice what you have learned



I have attached the activity sheets below but I don't think you need to print them out, you can just have a go at drawing them on a piece of paper. 



OR.... you could have a game of ACTIVE MONOPOLY




I have attached this below. You will need a dice or spinner and something to act as counters.

Maths- arithmetic

Active Monopoly

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