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Thursday 9th July

Reading Activities - The Firework-maker's Daughter. The next two weeks I will be reading a story by the author Philip Pullman called 'The Firework-maker's Daughter'. I will be reading a chapter a day or splitting a chapter into two parts. Today is Chapter 3 Part 2. 


Link to Chapter -


Maths Activity - End of Year Revision Part B (1) - This section is quite long so I've split it over two days. Please watch the guidance video if you need to to help with the questions.


Link to Guidance video -


Literacy Activity - Fronted Adverbials - It is important that you have read and listened to Chapter 3. For this lesson, we are going to try to use fronted adverbials to improve our sentences. We will be focusing on the Ceremony of the Moon. First of all, we are going to have to jot down ideas of what happens at the Ceremony of Moon (I have uploaded the text for you to pull out the information and mind maps to write your ideas). Then, we will turn these ideas into a short description of the Ceremony of the Moon using Fronted Adverbials.

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