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Thursday 4th June

Reading Activities - How to Train Your Dragon - Chapter 4 - How To Train Your Dragon. Please listen to the chapter and tick to the box to prove you have listened to them. 


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Maths Activity - Continuing with converting units of measurements, this lesson applies everything learnt so far to converting the metric measurements of centimetres (cm) into the imperial measurement of inches (''). We will use our approximation skills to help up with this as well as scaling our answer up by multiplying to find common facts.


Link to the video -


Link to the guidance video -


Literacy Activity - Based on the events of what happened in the Dragon Nursery in the first few chapters, I would like you to write a first person narrative describing entering the nursery and looking around at hundred of young dragons as one of the children. I have attached some stimuli of caverns and some prepositional phrases to help you describe locations of the cavern. Feel free to use them and come up with your own too. Be adventurous with vocabulary - remember, use your Y5 brain and go big with words (perfect time to play around with language). You must include lots of expanded noun phrases (adjectives or adjectival phrases describing nouns) to describe the cave. You could use lots of figurative language too (similes, metaphor, alliteration, personification, etc.) Upload the narrative on the third page of the student template provided.

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