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Monday, 30th March

Good Morning Year 2,


I hope that you are keeping safe, had a lovely weekend and are ready to get back into your home learning! I have been busy crafting and drawing pictures with my daughters and playing in our garden.


This week will be focused on the Great Fire of London for art and writing. We had already started this in class and you already knew so much at the time that we closed.


For maths we will continue to re-cap the learning that we had started on fractions using White Rose Hub. As I started our daily sessions from Thursday (due to you having your home learning packs) we are at lesson 3 today which is still in week 1.


I loved seeing all your great rainbows that you drew last week, I hope you have put those in your window to spread some joy. I will share some of them later on Dojo.


I also just wanted to take this opportunity to direct you to a couple of websites offering reading materials that may be suitable for your child. It is so important that the children keep up with their reading in order to continue progressing. I hope these websites will help with that.  - This seems to be a fantastic resource. Follow the instructions on the webpage to sign up for free. It allows you access to reading books for every colour band.

It will read the book to your child but if you press pause each time your child can read each page to you. There is then a little activity that you can do related to that book. Some of these books will already be familiar to the children.


Take care and have a great day, 


Mrs T 




Continue to work on fractions using the White Rose Hub website.

Lesson 3: Find a half


Complete the worksheet- remember you can either print it, write the answers out or discuss them with a family member.



Complete the reading comprehensions on the Great Fire of London.


We have looked at these sheets previously on different topics and they use our VIPERS skills. Remember to take your time with these as many of the answers really require thought. Make sure you have actually answered the questions. 


Remember- You can print out page 1 on each to complete or you can write the answers out. 


Go onto Purple Mash and login with your details (Most of these are stuck in your reading diary)

I have set two 2Do's for art based on the Great Fire of London. You can do one or both. One is to draw whats the houses looked like, remember we spent time learning about this and the other is what Samuel Pepys would have seen out of his window.


Click on this link and it will take you to our school portal page where you just need to use your details to log in. 

Click on 2Dos and the work will be there. Remember to save it!



Purple Mash - the work set as 2Dos- access on the Purple Mash site

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