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Children's Health and Wellbeing


The school improvement plan states that it is a 'priority to develop the pupil's sense of wellbeing through the curriculum and so equip them to be thoughtful, caring and active citizens in the school and wider community.'


Therefore it is paramount that the school provide the children with the opportunities that support their social, emotional and physical development.


Throughout the year, please visit this part of the website to see what the children have been up to and keep updated with new initiatives and clubs that may be on offer.


Together we can make our children's lives healthier and happierfrown


Thank You

Mr Hyde 

Welcome Back!

We hope you have had a lovely Summer break and are recharged and ready for an exciting year.

Wake Up Shake Up will continue 3 times a week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings. We hope that parents will join in with the children and staff to enjoy and promote a healthy active lifestyle and make our children healthier and happier. smileyno 


The Daily Mile


Starting in the Summer term we are going to start the 'Daily Mile' initiative. The aim of the Daily Mile is to improve the physical, emotional and social health and wellbeing of our children – regardless of age or personal circumstances.


It takes place over just 15 minutes, with children averaging a mile each day. Children run outside in the fresh air – and the weather is a benefit, not a barrier. Children run in their uniforms so no kit or changing time is needed. It’s social, non-competitive and fun.

It’s fully inclusive; every child, whatever their circumstances, age or ability, succeeds at The Daily Mile.


The Daily Mile has numerous benefits to children, whether they run, jog or walk.


  • Within 4 weeks, children who do The Daily Mile become fit.
  • The 15 minute break from lessons is invigorating and leaves children (and teachers!) more focused and ready to learn.
  • The time spent outside, in all weathers, helps children become better engaged with the outdoors and aware of their surroundings.
  • The Daily Mile is non-competitive, fully inclusive, and the children have fun!
  • The Daily Mile is also a social occasion, and improves relationships, giving children the opportunity to talk to their peers and teachers in a way they might not in the classroom.
  • The Daily Mile builds teamwork and leadership skills, with children helping and encouraging their peers.
  • Children bring the benefits home, eating and sleeping better and encouraging their families to get active together.
  • The Daily Mile builds self-esteem and confidence, improving children’s perception of exercise for life.
  • The Daily Mile is critical to reducing childhood inactivity and obesity. Children are getting fatter, younger, and we need to stop this in its tracks. 


The whole school will participate every day undertaking the Daily Mile, however Mr Hyde will be taking Year 2 to complete the mile after Wake Up Shake Up every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Mr Hyde would like to invite parents to join in the Daily Mile with Year 2.

As a school we believe that the parents participation in such activities is extremely important and has a very positive and powerful impact on the children's understanding of participating in extra physical activity. Therefore we would be extremely grateful if you could join us and spread the word of The Daily Mile!


I have also put a link to The Daily Mile website for you to explore and learn more about initiative.


Thank You

Mr Hyde 


Forest School Training.



On the week beginning 27.2.2017 I started Forest School Training to become a level 3 Forest School Leader. By the end of this year long course I will be trained in the theories, provision, planning and assessment and teaching and delivery of Forest School Learning. This course is aimed to provide a holistic curriculum that is grounded in nature. This curriculum will provide opportunities for the children to develop and build their social, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. I have spent 5 truly inspiring and wonderful days at the CommuniTree Island in Summerseat. CommuniTree is an initiative lead by the amazing Danny English which reconnects people of all ages with nature.


At CommuniTree they believe that people grow healthier, wiser and more content when they feel part of a strong community and realise their deep connection with nature. Through the provision of high quality Outdoor Education they focus on creating opportunities for people of all ages to reconnect with themselves, each other and the natural world.


This is a vision that I feel extremely passionate and committed to introducing and sustaining at St Thomas's. As I believe that reconnecting our children with nature can have massive positive impacts on the children's social, emotional and spirtual wellbeing, and will provide them with rich and purposeful outdoor learning.


Over the year I will be creating a Forest School provision area and will be teaching groups of children each week. Please visit this section of the school website to see how we are progressing and look at the wonderful learning that is going on. 

I have also put a link for CommuniTree on the website for you to learn more about their inspirational vision.


Thank you


Mr Hyde                                              

Mr Hyde's Forest School training at CommuniTree w/c - 27.2.17

P.E across the school. Our children performing a variety of multi skill techniques with the sports coach.

Sedentary Behaviour and Obesity Report


Mr. Hyde would like to say a massive "THANK YOU!" to all the parents who are supporting 'Wake Up Shake Up' every Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings. Thank you for promoting the importance of parent participation of physical activity in school to the wider community.

Keep joining in as together we can keep our children healthy and happy.  



Wake Up Shake Up - Let's get our brains and body awake for a new day of learning!!

Children's Health and Wellbeing letter for parents.

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